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   Cooking Holiday in Greece  
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What’s unique about Kalikalos?

  • The combination of workshop experience with seaside holiday in which everyone coming here becomes a full member of the temporary but authentic community that is responsible for each week.

  • The location . . . well off the beaten foreign tourist track - combining a lush green forest ecosystem with gorgeous crystal clear sandy Aegean beaches.

  • A place to practice living and thinking holistically - to use your holiday to save the earth!

  • A place to meet other new friends who share your aspirations for a better world of peace, partership and sustainability.

  • A living-in-community guest programme for those not wanting a workshop.

Joy of Greek Vegetarian Cooking

In Greece there is a whole philosophy around eating and sharing food, reflected in the ancient word "symposium" meaning a convivial gathering of friends and company centred around food and drink. Dionysus, the god of conviviality, wine and food, symbolized the importance of this deep rooted practice. For the Greeks, eating with friends at a tavern or at home is a social affair dating from antiquity. Archestratos wrote the first known cooking book in 330 BC.

Greek cuisine is known worldwide for its wide variety of tastes and delicious dishes, of which many of the outstanding are vegetarian. The secrets that have made Greek cuisine popular are the abundant fresh ingredients of high quality, a time honored use of fresh and home dried herbs and spices and Greek virgin olive oil. Moreover, its basic simplicity in the way of cooking adds to the charm of Greek cuisine, creating many mouthwatering delicacies, both savoury and sweet.

We will be using the produce of the region of Pelion and Volos, bought fresh most days, taking our inspiration from this produce and from the classic and local Pelion dishes of the region. The Pelion is a mountainous area, replete with history, where vegetables have long been one of the mainstays of the local cuisine.

Here at Kalikalos, one of our mottoes is “Work is Love in Action”. And we take this seriously. Preparing a meal for the community here is always a group effort, engaging everyone's talents and skills. We cook with care, with love and above all with tremendous enthusiast.

To ensure that everyone in the group is brought into the the process of each meal, each cooking session starts with an attunement where we check in with each other, to the day, to our task and to the community that will be enjoying our efforts. Please bring any recipes that you want to try out, and we'll include them in the week's menu. We love adapting classical Greek recipes, such as Mousaka or stuffed peppers, for vegetarians. Did you know that mung beans if soaked and baked in a Mousaka taste amazingly like mince?


The Week's Leader

Natalie Di Giuseppe is head chef and coordinator for this week's course.

This weeks' group will be limited to six participants so that confident cooks can increase their repertoire of techniques and recipes whilst those with less experience can learn more basic techniques.

We will cook some mainstays of Greek vegetarian cuisine but also some less usual dishes such as feta and roast garlic turnovers and sun dried tomato fritters, using tomatoes which we will bake for two days on the marble stairs in the Aegean sun.

We will do some baking in our old fashioned wood-fired oven. It's perfect for a variety of whole meal breads; and once in the week we'll do home made pizza in it. Not authentically Greek, but loved now by all Greeks!

This week is not all cooking. Every workshop group here has its own character and rhythm but usually recipe research and discussion, plus quite a bit of food preparation takes place in the cool morning hours. After lunch the afternoon is free to enjoy as you please; there is a daily lift down to and from one of the many gorgeous local beaches.

In the cool of the evening we reconvene for a couple of hours to complete the meal which is served at 8:30 pm. And because we have done the cooking, dinner cleanup is done by others, allowing us to eat leisurely and relax after dinner knowing that our work is done for the day.

One evening in the week we will invite our local Greek neighbors into the kitchen to join with us and show us some authentic recipes from this region. The meal that evening will be part of our yearly open day when our patio (see left) becomes a taverna where the locals get a chance to see what we do here at Kalikalos.

Date and Price

  • 27 June - 4 July 2014
  • €375 (Euros)

Price Includes:

  • meals
  • shared accomodation
  • daily beach transport




Kissos Campus Accommodation

The Centre's main building is a small hotel or large guest house (Xenonas, in Greek) located at the edge of the village of Kissos in the Pelion Mountains of Greece where, according to ancient Greek mythology, dwelled the fabulous Centaurs, half-man half-horse.

Pension Martiou is built upon a two floor stone house of Pelion traditional architecture, dated about 150 years old and restored by the present owner's father. The house is surrounded by a magical garden which includes rosebushes, hydrangeas, jasmine and other species planted and tended with love and affection by the Martiou family for many decades. The coolness provided by the climbing vines offer a natural environment. The view looking over the Aegean from the balcony is spectacular. The photos above taken in May 2008, shows the hotel from the driveway and front terrace looking West.

A few meters further left of the hotel there is a shaded patio where our vegetarian meals are served, and which is set up for art workshops out of eating hours. A separate building, just to the side of the patio, houses the fully equipped restaurant grade kitchen and two solar heated showers combined with toilets which serve the tents and yurts sited in the terraced grounds.

The Centre office and reception is located on the first floor of the hotel, nearby to which is located the broadband internet terminal available for guest use. The WiFi network extends to most of the rooms and staff spaces.

  Kalikalos Holistic Holidays
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