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   Baking Courses at the Baking Academy of Ireland  
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Baking Academy of Ireland. . . dedicated to the art, teaching and craft of baking

The Baking Academy of Ireland was established by Master Baker Derek O’Brien who was previously Head of the National Bakery School at the Dublin Institute of Technology. During his time with the Dublin Institute of Technology he introduced and managed the hugely popular part time Professional Baking courses. He is also the team manager of the Irish National Baking Team that has been so successful in European baking competitions.

Derek and his team are aware that the consumer is becoming tired and bored with modern bland tasting sliced bread, synthetic flavoured boxed cakes and chocolates and products with “it never stales” shelf life and endless lists of ingredients.

Our philosophy

We know the joy and excitement of creating wonderful sugar craft decorations and chocolates or baking something really enjoyable and sharing it straight from the oven. Our aim is to provide the best educational experience for each and every student. We will demystify the science and technology and inspire you to create something fantastic. We will teach you the craft and skills to do it successfully - every time.

Tutors and visiting lecturers

Our tutors are specialists in the field of baking, confectionery, chocolate and sugar craft. Each has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the art and craft of artisan techniques. They are uniquely experienced and enthusiastic bakers, confectioners and chocolatiers who will guide and inspire both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts alike . . . read more


The Baking Academy of Ireland is located just off the N4 in Palmerstown Village, Dublin 20, and close to the Liffey Valley shopping centre. The Baking Academy's hands-on workshop is designed with the student in mind. The worktops and benches are stylish and are complemented by appliances supplied by Miele. The bakery is designed for a maximum of 12 students and each student has easy access to all the equipment needed at their own work station. Each student works alone - never in pairs or small groups - to ensure the perfect learning environment.



The Baking Academy of Ireland offers a wide range of part-time courses in baking and sugar craft.

You will learn new, or improve your baking skills, you will be amazed how we make baking so easy and enjoyable. You will have a fun day - every day. All our teachers are specialists and we only take small groups of students on our courses. Most importantly each student works alone and not in groups - we beleive this is the best way to learn.

Certificate Courses

Fundamentals of Baking - 4 day Certificate

Are you an enthusiastic amateur baker, do you want to learn the basics and the secret of successful baking? If the answer is YES - then this is the course for you.

This four day foundation course in making and baking breads and cakes. This course will suit enthusiastic bakers of any level.

When you join the Fundamentals of Baking course you will learn about the correct ingredients to ensure success each time. We will introduce you to the secrets of baking plus a little of the science and technology of baking. You will learn how to make yeast and soda bread and do it successfully each time. We will introduce you to cake making and baking. You will learn how to appply simple buttercream finishes and decorations to your cakes. You will learn how to make and bake and you will never have a disaster again. At the end of each day you will take home everything you have baked.

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Fundamentals of Baking

Cake Decoration - 4 day Certificate Course

During this hands-on foundation certificate course the student will learn the basic elements of cake decorating. The course is suitable for the complete beginner and those who wish to improve on their modelling, piping skills, sugar flowers or coating a cake to achieve a professional finish.

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Professional Baking Certificate - 3 weeks

  • Certificate in Professional Baking: Come and Bake with us. This unique course is an essential prerequisite for any person considering a bakery or bakery/café start-up business, for the amateur baker or for those simply interested in quality baking.

  • Course Delivery: The programme is designed in easy to follow modular format in order to provide the student with the essential technical knowledge and the hands-on skills needed to start a bakery business.

  • Hands-on Training: Unlike other courses where students work in groups of 2 to 4, our students benefit and learn much more by working individually. This system ensures each student receives the individual attention necessary to learn.

  • Baking Instructors: Our teachers are fully qualified specialist bakers, each with unique skills, knowledge and understanding of the art and craft of artisan baking techniques. Many of our teachers have European and International experience who take great pleasure in inspiring our students in baking.

  • Documentation: We supply full documentation including all recipes, technical notes and baking tips. The documentation is written in a clear format which will demystify the science and technology and inspire the student.

  • Ethical Baking: We are committed to helping you make and bake the finest quality products without the use of stabilizers, improvers or other additives. We are dedicated to producing only wholesome food

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Advanced Baking - 4 day Certificate course

This is a 4 day hands on course designed specifically for the home baker who wishes to improve their skills, craft knowledge and experience.

We will teach you how to make an interesting and varied range of baked product.

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Bread Baking Courses

Introduction to Real Bread Baking - 1 Day

The aim of this one-day course is to give beginners and those brushing up their skills an introduction to the different stages involved in making bread. It is hands-on and during the day you will weigh, mix, knead and make three different doughs. You will learn about fermentation and different shaping techniques. While the dough proves and the bread bakes you can relax with a cup of tea or coffee. This is a six hour practical hands-on course.

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Real Bread Baking

Rustic Bread - Hands-on Baking - 1 Day

Enjoy the experiencs of kneading and stretching dough and baking perfect bread. Baking your own bread is a very enjoyable experience - it is also more gratifying than bought factory bread. This course is for the person who has some baking experience but wishes to improve their skills while, at the same time, learning how to make a wider range of interesting and healthy breads. This module is a 6 hour practical hands-on class.

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Introduction to Artisan Bread Baking - 1 Day

These artisan bread courses are for lovers of Irish, British and Continental style breads who appreciate the traditional skills used in making these delightful and really flavoursome breads. These specialist bread classes offer an introduction to artisan bread and the techniques of bread making that the student can be reproduce at home or in work. Students will leave with a clear understanding of the flours, ingredients, mixing and kneading techniques used in the making of this type of bread. We offer the following range of advanced craft specialist bread modules and depending on the particular module students will make breads using a range of starters, pre-ferments, Levains and sourdough.

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Sweet Bread Course

Do you remember the Halloween Barm Brack of your childhood. The softness, sweetness and delightful flavour sadly missing in the mass produced product. Let us take you back to your childhood. We will show you how to make a really good "Brack", together with Cinnabons oozing with cinnamon and soft icing. Nut Plaits sprinkled with butter streusel and sweet rock cakes smothered in white frosting.

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Cake Baking Courses

Cake Baking - Introduction Course - 1 Day

Come and join us on this NEW cake making course. We will show you the basics, teach you the secrets of mixing and give you the tips on how to bake perfect cakes each time.

When you join this course you will learn to mix, make and bake Apple and Yoghurt Tea Cake (This cake has a close yet light texture and is usually eaten with tea/coffee and traditionally flavoured with diced apple pieces and apple yoghurt); Blueberry and Almond Streusle (a typical German home made cake with fresh blueberries and our delicious crumbly crumble); Chocolate and Vanilla Marble Cake (A real favourite as made by masterbaker Derek O'Brien on the RTE2 Ireland's Best Young Baker show) and Lemon & Poppyseed Muffins (a tantelising combination of lemon juice and syrup).

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Cake Baking

Creative Cake Baking - 1 Day

When you take this course you will learn how to make a range of high quality and delicious cake fillings and combine them with fruits, filling creams and pastry that together may be baked and served as amazingly flavoursome cake or as an attractive dessert.

This hands-on course is ideal for the person who has completed our Cake Baking for Beginners course or the person who has some baking experience and who wishes to improve their baking skills. On this course you will learn to mix, make and bake the following: Afternoon Sponge Cake filled with Raspberry Preserve and Fresh Cream - ideal as a dessert; Rich Coffee Cake - you will make and bake this delightful cake and decorate it with coffee icing; Up-Side Down Cake - strange name but a delicious cake and finally the classic American Carrot Cake with cream cheese frosting.

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Amazng Desserts

Lets MAKE & BAKE. Put on an apron, roll up your sleeves and get the rolling pin out. We are going to make some amazing and delicious desserts.

During this class you will learn how to make: the classic Pavlova (it's really very simple to make), Tart au Citron (a French classic), Roulade (looks difficult but we will show how to perfect it each time) and Savarins (a yeast raised dessert, dipped in Cointreau flavoured syrup and decorated with Chantilly Cream and fresh fruits - amazing).

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Cupcake Baking - Fun Level Course

Make and Bake a dozen cupcakes and decorate them with a variety of icings and flowers. Cupcakes are ideal for childrens parties, birthdays, weddings and special celebrations. After this class and baking tips you will have the confidence be able to make delicious cupcakes for all occasion.

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French Macaroon Workshop

Learn to make and bake the most delicious French Macaroons with a professional baker.

Origionally macaroons were made from a mixture of meringue and almonds similar to amaretti with a crisp crust and a soft interior. The name of the cookie comes from the Italian word for paste, maccarone. The modern macaroon was invented at the beginning of the Twentieth  century, and consists of two almond macaroons sandwiched and filled with ganache. Today the fillings consist of chocolate ganache, buttercream and even jam, while the little meringues come in a wide range of colours and flavors.

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Pastry Baking Courses

Savoury Pies and Pasties

Lets MAKE & BAKE. Put on an apron, roll up your sleeves and get the rolling pin out. We are going to make fabulous Rich Crust and Savoury Pastry.

This course is based on some of the items in Paul Hollywoods book "PIES & PUDS"

During this class you will learn how to make a range of delicious Meat Pies, Cornish Pasties and fabulous Quiche. Served piping hot this is the ideal food for the cold winter evenings.

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Savoury Pies and Pasties

Sugar Craft - Cake Decoration Courses

Sugar Craft for Beginners

This beginners course will help you to develop skills and confidence in basic cake decorating techniques. You will learn how to make and use icings, coat cakes, pipe basic shapes, crimp patterns and use cutters and embossers for novelty designs. By the end of the course you will be able to cover a cake with sugar paste and use simple decorative techniques.

Sugar Craft (cake Decoration) is the art of using icing, sugar and other edible decorations to create a cake that looks really good, delicious and interesting. Like other art forms a cake can also be decorated with various enhancements, but the difference is cake it requires only edible decorations.

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Sugar Craft

Chocolate Courses

Chocolate Workshop

You will learn all there is to know about chocolate, including its source, types and the qualities available. You will learn by doing. First we will explain the secret of chocolate tempering and the importance of the correct temperatures. We will also discuss the different tempering methods and demonstrate the one most suited to your needs. The entire programme will be demonstration followed by hands-on experience.

During this class the teacher will discuss the equipment required to make chocolates on a small scale, demonstrate how to properly temper the chocolate and how to fill moulds. The student working alone will temper their own chocolate and fill their own moulds. The student will gain valable hands-on experience and confidence and will learn how to make a variety of chocolates, including:

(a) The correct method of handling and caring for the chocolate moulds.
(b) Production of a range of fillings, including firm and soft ganache.
(c) Production of chocolate figures.
(d) Filling the prepared moulds with tempered chocolate


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Guest Houses:

Willos is a long established family run Bed and Breakfast nestled in the centre of Lucan Village. It has been recently refurbished creating a warm, relaxed and inviting atmosphere for your stay. Our aim is to offer quality and value to our customers and the number of repeat visits is a testimony to our success

Prime location adjacent to all amenities and facilities, this superb purpose built property adjoins to the N4 and M50 motorways.

Minutes from the city centre and a mere 12 minutes drive to the airport, we offer excellent service and high standards.

Each elegant en-suite bedroom has individual temperature control, ambient lighting and automated door locking system.


The Clarion Hotel Dublin Liffey Valley

A mix of modern contemporary surroundings and a relaxing, laid back environment ensure that the 4-Star Clarion Hotel Liffey Valley is the finest choice for both business and pleasure.

The Clarion Hotel Dublin Liffey Valley has 352 spacious bedrooms, decorated in light modern colours, many with floor-to-ceiling windows. Rooms include LED Flat Screen TV, free access to our uncontended 100MB Wi-Fi Internet access, and a 24-hour room service menu.

The Clarion Hotel Liffey Valley is easily accessible by road, rail and Dublin Airport. We offer ample secure car parking for all guests. The hotel is ideally situated on the M50/N4 intersection at Liffey Valley, the gateway to the West of Ireland. A perfect location for exploring Dublin.

The West County Hotel

The West County Hotel is an family run hotel offering guests the ultimate in Irish hospitality.

Located in the village of Chapelizod, The West County Hotel is situated in an ideal location. The hotel is accessible from all parts of the country, including Dublin City Centre, Dublin International Airport and Heuston Station. While only 20 minutes from Dublin City Centre, the hotel enjoys peaceful surroundings, with front facing rooms offering views of Europe’s largest public park, The Phoenix Park.

The hotel boasts luxury accommodation, dining and bar facilities. Featuring 50 beautifully appointed bedrooms, the cosy Liffey Bar and Pine Restaurant and a number of meeting and conference suites, The West County Hotel specialises in creating a homely atmosphere for all guests and customers.

With spacious bedrooms, a warm welcome, friendly and helpful staff and ideal location, The West County Hotel is the perfect choice for your stay in Dublin.


Baking Academy of Ireland
20 Old Lucan Road
Palmerstown Village

00 353 1 8451 2140
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