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   Cooking Holidays - Bread baking and making courses  
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"I don't need the bread, but it's nice to do something creative" ~ John Goodman

Have you ever had the urge to bake your own bread? Wanted to savour that wonderful smell of your own freshly baking bread?

Bread is one of the oldest prepared foods and probably one of the most satisfying to prepare and cook . . . and then to eat fresh from the oven!

  : :  PANARY . . . teaching bread making

Join a PANARY bread making course taught by Paul Merry, a master craftsman who favours a very practical approach to learning, regardless of any student’s prior experience.

  : :  Bread in Fife

Learn how to bake delicious breads in hands-on classes. Join Bread in Fife to learn how to bake delicious breads in hands-on classes with practical tips, plenty of opportunities to sample what you bake as you go along and lots to take home to share with hungry friends.

  : :  Bread at Home

Bread at Home aims to promote home bread making by teaching you how to make your own additive-free bread in our relaxed bread making workshops. Workshops are held on selected Saturdays and Mondays throughout the year. Baking your own bread can be one of the most enjoyable things once you know how to do it . . .

  : :  Bread Ahead - London

Bread Ahead sees the bakery expertise of Matt Jones and Justin Gellatly unite to bring fine baking to the masses. Matt Jones, Justin Gellatly togther with Aidan Chapman not only create amazing bakery products for sale to customers of Borough Market but share their knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for baking in the Bread Ahead Bakery School. The new purpose built bakery school in the heart of Borough Market is the ideal place to experience artisan baking, first hand. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned baker our world class expert bakers will be able to offer you something.

  : :  Bread making workshops at Anna's Kitchen

Learn to make delicious homemade, real bread on a short, affordable one-day and half-day baking class in Brighton or surrey. If you've ever tried baking your own bread, you may have had limited success, or inconsistent results and been left asking lots of questions . . . there's nothing like getting stuck in and learning from an experienced baker.

  : :  Baking Academy of Ireland
With the Baking Academy of Ireland you will learn new, or improve, your baking skills, you will be amazed how easy and enjoyable they make baking. You will have a fun day - every day. All the teachers are specialists and the Academy only take small groups of students on its courses. Most importantly each student works alone and not in groups, the best way to learn.
  : :  Courses for Cooks

Courses for Cooks is owned and run by Jenny Thomson, cook and chef for over 20 years. The cookery courses are designed to be fun, informative and inspiring. Whether you are a complete beginner or competent cook, held in Jenny's kitchen over either a half or full day for a minimum of two and a maximum of four people at any one time, giving plenty of opportunity for one on one attention.


















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