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French stickWhat European country other than France could draw north and south together so effortlessly? In France, the Mediterranean, Celtic and Saxon influences merge into a single, exuberant cultural statement.

And yet, the regions take a pride in their own distinctive traditions with the same self-confidence that they give to their Frenchness. In food especially, they celebrate the differences. Through glorious wines and exquisite cheeses they assert their individuality and their unwillingness to decline into uniformity.

Old hands return because their beloved France is always unexpected, never fully explored. Each valley is as unique as the food it produces. Holidays to France are just . . . wonderful.

  : :  La Vie du Chateau - French Cooking and the art of French living

Mary Pochez offers Cookery Courses in English at Château de La Barbée, an 18th Century castle in the heart of Pays de la Loire. These warm and welcoming hosts offer a unique Cultural and Culinary Holiday, all-inclusive with Accommodations in the family Château, all Meals and many fun Excursions.

  : :  The Walnut Grove Cooking Vacation

Gourmet cuisine and cooking classes in the beautiful Loire Valley. Experience the reality of gourmet cooking yourself. There is only one way to learn and that is to do it! Top chefs, luxury accommodation, set in France - the home of gourmet cuisine. What more could you ask for?

  : :  The Wilde Kitchen

Share Sinéad Wilde Allart's experience and knowledge of french food – in a country where food is like a national sport and the weekly market a lively meeting place, where there is great pride in the nation’s produce, where time is taken to choose, buy and prepare meals, where eating is a social activity, where fresh, well-prepared food are served on a decorated table and shared with family and friends – l’art de vivre à la française..

  : :  Le Pistou Cookery School

What better place to be inspired to cook than in sunny Languedoc - with its ingredients that burst with flavour, colour and sunshine.. its ancient traditions and its close links with the land, its vines and its history?

  : :  Auberge sur La Montagne - Cookery Courses

Stayed at the Auberge sur La Montagne and experienced one of the summer cookery courses. The courses will run over two, three or six days and on each course day, there will be a three hour class in the morning and a one and a half hour course in the late afternoon. The focus will be on learning to prepare a fabulous dinner to impress family and friends with the minimum of effort and maximum efficiency . . .

  : :  PANARY . . . teaching bread making in Provence

Join the PANARY 4 day residential course in France, taught by Paul Merry, a master craftsman who favours a very practical approach to learning, regardless of any student’s prior experience.

  : :  My French Culinary School at Chateau Lagorce

An international school of food and wine where you can enjoy a wonderful cooking holiday with Celebrity Chef Valentina Harris. Along with other specialised celebrity chefs and wine experts, Valentina will be orchestrating all aspects of the culinary and wine courses from absolute beginners to advanced, making sure the balance of work and pleasure, demo and practical, on site and off site activities are all in perfect harmony with your holiday mood.

  : :  The Secret Garden Cooking Holiday

Come and enjoy a wonderful cooking holiday at The SecretGarden-France. Tailored to your skills, you will be staying in a beautiful old farmhouse tucked away in the Loir Valley of France. During the day you will take part in various cooking sessions, enjoying the food you have prepared and cooked during the day and spending your free time, enjoying the garden and orchard at L’Huilerie and the wonderful villages and countryside around.

  : :  The French Gastro Academy

The French House Party offers the ultimate hands-on gastronomic vacation: a unique opportunity for cookery lessons from top-class, award-winning chefs in classic French cuisine whilst staying at a stylish, two hundred year old Carcassonne farmhouse, set in the stunning environment of South West France.

  : :  Cookery classes at Chateau Lavergne near Bordeaux

The best way to discover Bordeaux and the surounding area is simply to let yourself fall under the charm of its rich, complex identity forged over the centuries by numerous influences whilst enjoying the relaxation and pleasures of a wine and culinary vacation at Chateau Lavergne.

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