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   Cooking Holidays Tuscany Italy  
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Tuscany Italy. . . the land of style, culture, romanticism and myriad culinary delights


From the fast paced cities of Northern Italy to the peaceful idyll of rural areas in the South this is a country to savour and enjoy. Steeped in tradition and with a rich heritage, both old and new.

Each region of Italy has its own style and culture with a climate which varies dramatically from north to south - a climate we can but envy. A passionate people with a passionate lifestyle whether it be for their beloved football, the opera or for their food.

The food and the romanticism of the country are there in all walks of life to be enjoyed by everyone - again and again. One visit to Italy will never be enough as there is so much to take pleasure from.

  : :  Cooking Holidays with the Galilei Institute

The Galilei Institute is one of the most prestigious among the Italian language and culture schools in Italy and they run cooking courses in Italy organised as one-to-one or in small groups, held in the kitchens of some of the best restaurants in Florence.

  : :  Italian and Tuscan cooking or Wine Tour

Created to offer you a unique and rare opportunity to live and experience the real life in Tuscany and to provide the best possible culinary vacation or wine tour, MangiarDivino combines taking you to stay in amazing private villas in one of the most beautiful areas of Tuscany.

  : :  Flavours Cooking Holidays in Italy

Flavours offers week-long cooking holidays in Tuscany, Puglia, Sicily, Amalfi and Venice as well as short-breaks to Tuscany. Food is quintessential Italy and Flavours ensures that you will learn the authentic cuisine which is traditional to the region of your respective holiday. The cooking lessons are relaxed, fun and hands-on for small groups so that everyone can get involved.

  : :  Taste Tuscany gastronomic tours and vacations

Wonderful personalised day long tours of Tuscany. Choose from such delights as the Cooking & Culinary Tour, the Cheese Spectacular, the Farm Extravaganza, Wine Tasting, a Gastronomic Tour of Pienza or the Montalcino Classic Tour . . . or why not combine a few days or seek their expert advice.

  : :  Cooking Italian in Umbria and Tuscany

Because of its location, because of its Etruscan roots, because of its charming medieval character, and above all because of its celebrated Cathedral which is a gem of Gothic architecture, Orvieto is one of Italy's most unique and interesting cities . . . and just outside Orvieto is the setting for this wonderful cooking holiday!

  : :  Cooking at Villa San Michele in Tuscany

The Cookery School at Villa San Michele has become a permanent institution: a true benchmark. A fact known to Gourmets from all over the world who have followed it from the start, to the internationally renowned Chefs who are happy to hold their lessons there, and to Guests of the Villa who have yet another reason to love this wonderful hotel.

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