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. . . sunny all year long, this is paradise!

The Maldives, located on top of a vast underwater mountain range have around 1,190 islands and sandbanks. The pearl-like string of islands covers a land area of around 298 square kilometres with all the islands encircled by a lagoon with crystal clear water. The islands are protected by a reef structure, housing one of the most spectacular underwater locations for scuba diving and snorkelling.

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Maldivians are known for their hospitality and affability towards their guests. Maldivian ancestral roots can be traced back to Sinhala’s of Sri Lanka, Marathi’s and Guajarati’s of India, Arabs, Malays and Northern African dispositions. Accordingly, Maldivians emerged from a mixed race, which has enriched the culture and history of the country.

Traditionally whenever guests visit a local island, the islanders will welcome them by serving a fresh coconut drink. This tradition has continued to this day and do not be surprised if your resort offers a beautifully decorated coconut drink when you reach your destination!

A visit to the Maldives not only guarantees the best vacation of your lifetime, but it also gives you exposure to a great cultural experience.

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