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We all know the USA - we've seen the movies!

How many times have you heard the TV detective ask for "Pastrami on Rye to go"?

We all get different preconcieved ideas when we think of the United States of America and what it would be like when we get there. The reality, of course is very different. It covers a huge area between the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans and there are also so many famous destinations that can be visited. It would really take more than a day to name all of them. Some of these spectacular destinations include National Parks like Yosemite and the Everglades, the Great Lakes, the Grand Canyon, the Rocky Mountains and many more.

The food here . . . with a varied history of immigration, USA has become very wealthy when it comes to different cuisines. You'll have a taste of every culture in the world and have the opportunity to try some of the great culinary dishes. This country has numerous sources of wonderful fresh produce and seemingly unlimited seafood that can provide the ingredients for tasteful meals form New York to New Orleans to San Fransisco. Whatever else you do when visiting the US, whether you would see famous destinations in New York, in Las Vegas or swim wonderful beaches in Miami or California, always take the opportunity to enjoy the food..

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