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Bread Ahead sees the bakery expertise of Matt Jones (founder of Flour Power) and Justin Gellatly (formerly of St John’s Bakery) unite to bring fine baking to the masses.  At Bread Ahead, British baking is important. Matt and Justin plan to make it their mission to continue this tradition, with fine British baking available to the public through Bread Ahead’s retail outlet and wholesale customers.

Bread Ahead, the home of artisan baking has a new headquarters. A purpose built bakery and educational hub, situated at the heart of Borough Market, London. At this state of the art bakery the finest breads are created and a world class baking school and resource centre can be found.

Bread Ahead sees the expert bakers, Matt Jones, Justin Gellatly and Aidan Chapman not only create amazing bakery products for sale to customers of Borough Market but sharing their knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for baking in the Bread Ahead Bakery School. Please see below to see the Bakery School latest workshops and courses.

"Real bread is what we make and love."

Matt Jones, founder Bread Ahead

Bread Ahead Bakery School

The bakery will provide fresh produce daily to Borough Market customers and also to the many wholesale outlets that purchase bakery from Bread Ahead. The Borough Market bakery will also offer a state of the art, purpose built bakery school; offering classes, workshops, resources and appreciation. An appreciation and love of the wonderful world of artisan baking.  Something which everyone at Bread Ahead is passionate about, and we hope we can share with you all.

Our new purpose built bakery school in the heart of Borough Market is the ideal place to experience artisan baking, first hand. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned baker our world class expert bakers will be able to offer you something.

At Bread Ahead we want everyone to experience the excitement (and the smell) of freshly cooked bread. That special moment when you taste the very first slice from the bread that you have baked with your own fair hands!


"Excellent! You have inspired and informed me greatly!"

MB, London

"Thoroughly enjoyed the day - the professionalism and enthusiasm was amazing. Just seeing what the bakers achieve."

Joanna, London

An Introduction to French Baking

Learn to bake the beautiful French breads. On this half day workshop Bread Ahead will transport you to the streets of Paris, intoxicating you with the aroma of freshly baked Baguettes, Pain de Campagne and Fougasse.

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The Bread Bakery Workshop

The Bread Bakery Workshop is a hands on, full day baking experience. With instruction and tuition given on how to make four distinctive types of breads:

  • Ciabatta
  • Soda Bread
  • Focaccia
  • The Country Loaf (white)

What makes this workshop special is that it also gives us at Bread Ahead the opportunity to impart some of the secrets and experiences that have made Bread Ahead such a successful bakery.

This workshop is suitable for all levels of experience, from beginners to intermediate bakers.

Lunch is provided.

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The Bread Ahead Guide to Sourdough Bread

This three day course will provide you with everything you need to know to create your very own Sourdough Bread.

You will begin by making a Sourdough starter, and from this, three days later you will create your very own Sourdough bread. Meanwhile you will learn all the techniques required to make this exquisite bread, using the Bread Ahead starter sourdough created by Justin Gellatly, and blessed by the Canon of Southwark Cathedral.

In particular this course will give you an understanding of what Wild Yeast baking is. What actually happens when you mix the basic ingredients of flour and water to create your starter, and how then you can best look after it.

You will gain a rich understanding of the fermentation process, particularly how the vivid, unctuous and full flavours of the sourdough are created.

In addition during this workshop is, which rich in specific knowledge and information about wild yeast baking, you will also cover off some of the more fundamental skills required for working with dough: Mixing, proving and baking.

Over the three days you will discover how to create a selection of sourdough loaves, including:

  • White Sourdough
  • Wholemeal Sourdough
  • Rye Flavoured Sourdough
  • 100% Rye Sourdough

This is the quintessential course, for anyone who has ever wanted to make and bake the perfect sourdough.

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An Introduction to Italian Bread Making

Everybody loves Italian breads.

With the expert guidance of Master Baker Aidan Chapman, learn how to make your very own Focaccia and Ciabatta’s.

Join Bread Ahead on a half day workshop, where Aidan will give you all the skills and knowledge that you need to make your very own sumptuous Italian Breads.

You will leave this course confident that you can recreate the signature breads of Italy in your own home.

This course is an excellent introduction into the world of bread baking, suitable for beginners and experienced bakers alike.

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Have you ever tasted a Bread Ahead Brownie and thought “I wish my brownies tasted like that”

Well now they can, with expert guidance from the Bread Ahead tutor, we will give you all our brownie secrets ensuring that have all the skills and knowledge to go home and make perfect brownies, every time, all the time.

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The Bread Ahead Patisserie Workhop

An amazing full day workshop learning all the secrets of great pastries:

  • Croissant
  • Pan au raisin
  • Pan au chocolate
  • Danish pastries

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The Gluten Free Workshop

An introduction to gluten free baking, looking at different flours and technics to enhance your gluten free diet. You will make bread, pizza and pastry.

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The Bread Ahead Guide to Ancient Grains

A look into the resurgence of age old grains and techniques given to make two amazing breads with the grains our forefathers sowed.

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The Bread Ahead Advanced Baking Workshop

A full days baking, covering sourdough, enriched doughs and laminating

Take home your own croissants, sourdough and brioche.

The Advanced Baking workshops covers techniques and methods that will enhance any experienced home bakers repertoire.

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The Bread Ahead Guide to Eastern European Baking

Learn how to make amazing Rye Breads, Sweet Babka Dough and Strudel Pastries. A look at the culture where bread making hasn’t changed for centuries.

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The Bread Ahead Guide to Nordic Baking

The smell of cardamom, citrus and rye. This Nordic baking class will have you baking Sweet rye, cardamom buns and amazing crisp breads.

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Layers. the Bread Ahead Croissant Workshop

Croissants made easy.

Imagine a flakey buttery croissant served in the comfort of your own home. Come and learn how to put the layers into your dough and the oh la la into your Sunday mornings!

On this course you will learn how to make this popular French breakfast delight, and how to enrich and laminate a croissant dough.

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Base. Pizza Making for Beginners

At Bread Ahead we believe that the key to a perfect pizza, is to create the perfect pizza  base.

With expert guidance from our Baker and Breaducationalist Aidan Chapman, you will be given all the guidance and instruction you will need to create the perfect pizza base. Once you have successfully made your pizza base, you will have the opportunity to create your perfect pizza flavour sensation by adding a variety of toppings of your choice, and then its into the oven.

And now the best bit . . .

With the smell of freshly baked pizza in the air and your beautiful pizza out of the oven, it’s will be time to tuck in and enjoy your  very own hand crafted pizza masterpiece.

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Oath to the Loaf

In these modern times of convenience and stress, we can forget the importance of something as simple as the traditional white loaf.

In this workshop, our Bread Anarchist, Aidan Chapman, will give you all the knowledge and skills you need to make your own traditional white loaf.

Under Aidan’s expert supervision, weigh up, and make up your own dough.

Then enjoy the stress releasing pleasure of working that moist and sticky dough.

Savour the smell of better times, as your very own white loaf creation bakes in our ovens. And then the moment comes, when your perfect little piece of tradition comes out of the oven.

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Wild About The Yeast

We want to show you how to replace your bakers yeast with wild yeast in all of your home baking.

This full day workshop will look at different ways you can make amazing baked products using a sourdough starter.

We will show you how to use your wild yeast starter in every aspect of your home baking. During the workshop you will make a sourdough baguette, sourdough pizza, sourdough ciabatta and a wholegrain sourdough.

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An Introduction to Sourdough Baking

This half day workshop will show you all how to use a starter in two different ways to make great sourdough at home.

We will look at the advantages of a no knead sourdough, the timescales and logistics of fitting this easy method of baking into the home environment.

Take part in this workshop and you will be making amazing sourdough breads in your home kitchen.

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Quintessentially English

This half day course celebrates English baking at its finest. Take a step down memory lane with four wonderful classic bakes.

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From left to right: Justin Gellatly, Aidan Chapman and Matt Jones

Justin Gellatly

Baking has always been part of my life. My mother used to bake bread most days when we were children, and even at my first job at Crowthers, a family-run restaurant in East Sheen, London, where my first job was washing dishes, I would help to bake the bread until I moved on to do cooking and pastry.

I met my wife, Louise, when I was sixteen and heading to Hounslow catering college. We were in the same class, and one of the many reasons we are still happy together after twenty-four years, is that we both understand the demands of a life as a chef or baker.

After Crowthers I worked in many other restaurants: in Cheshire at the Rookery Hall, in Maine, USA, where I cooked up a storm on Little Cranberry Island, The Green House in Mayfair London to name but a few. But it was only when I joined Fergus Henderson at St John Restaurant that I really fell in love with baking. Even in my early days as a chef, I always liked cooking ‘nose to tail’, so when an opportunity came along to work at St John I dived in. Those were the most amazing thirteen years: I found my calling in pastry and baking in the first few months. One of the turning points was when I did my first bake at St John. The bread and the crackling of the crust just didn’t stop singing to me. I hung up my chef apron and put on a baker’s one, and never looked back. I owe Fergus Henderson and his partner and co-founder of St John, Trevor Gulliver, so much. There were many joyous occasions at St John, but one of my proudest was receiving our first Michelin star when I was Head Baker and Pastry Chef.

Also I was very proud to bake the bread for William and Kate royal wedding in 2011.

A few months after leaving St John, a fellow baker, Matt Jones, called me and told me he had found a site for a bakery in Borough market and asked whether I would be interested in coming on board. I said ‘hell, yeah’ and we opened Bread Ahead in the summer of 2013.

Bread Ahead stands for British baking; we bake our bread using British wheat but use lots of sourdough and long fermentation. We bake early in the morning and throughout the day and we have large windows at the front of the bakery so people can come and watch us working our magic, but also we get to see daylight – happy days.

I have worked in every section in a kitchen, from kitchen porter to head chef, and I’ve found the baker’s life the hardest – but it’s a passion and I love it and it’s become a way of life.

Aidan Chapman

Aidan baked his first bread at home with his mum against the peaceful backdrop of 1970s Glastonbury. A Master Baker of Breads, savouries, cakes and pastries, he is famous for his sourdough bread and his rants against the sliced white!  Here is what he has to say:

‘I am a passionate Artisan Baker who thrives off sharing my knowledge. After leaving school, armed only with a passion for food and a capacity for sleepless nights, I began my five year baker’s apprenticeship with Master Baker Steve Cooper at the Granary Bakery in Surrey. I then set off on a journey of discovery that all truly great bakers must complete, working in bakeries all over the country and learning new methods, ideas and secrets from the many bakers I met along the way.

It was only after this and my stint as Head Baker at the celebrated Celtic Bakers in London that I began to garner praise for my work. Whilst in London I was heavily influenced by the organic movement and worked the farmers markets regularly. This gave me the chance to showcase my artisan breads to a very appreciative audience! From my early experiences I vowed to treat every shop window like a market stall – full of vibrant, seasonal and local hand made products. The aim was to wow every customer!

After relocating to Dorset in 2005 I was instrumental in setting up both Leaker’s Bakery in Bridport and The Town Mill Bakery in Lyme Regis. Both bakeries were an instant hit and this encouraged me to move on and set up my own bakery with my wife and partner Lisa. The Phoenix Bakery shared bread and passion for five years and from this little Artisan bakery and cafe in Weymouth great things have come! After twenty eight years of baking (and still baking!) my passion for sharing my knowledge and passing on the real bread message has grown. I now consider myself an ambassador and teacher of all things bread whether it’s supporting The Real Bread Campaign, teaching people how to bake, consultancy work, or demoing and ranting at the many shows around our country.

This has led to me taking my recent position teaching real bread classes at BreadAhead  in Borough Market, London as well as continuing with my River Cottage courses including a new Advanced Bread Making day. Recently I have taken the title Dough Anarchist which sums up nicely what I am about. I invite everyone who is passionate about real bread to join me on my crusade to bring back one of the oldest trades known to man and to put bread back in its rightful place on the table.’

Matt Jones

Matt Jones knows a thing or two about making great bread. He should do – a champion for English baking – he has been making it for over 25 years and has loved every minute of it!

Between 1986-1998 he honed his craft working alongside well known names such as Shaun Hill, Simon Hopkinson and John Torode in restaurants including Bibendum, Pont de la Tour and Quaglino’s and finally as Head Pastry and Bakery chef at Mezzo. In 1999 Matt opened Flour Power City Bakery in Hoxton. It was a huge success serving over 100 customers daily across London and yet more at their second shop in Kent. Over the following 12 years Flour Power City gained a reputation for excellence, featuring regularly in prestigious food journals as well as on prime time TV.

Throughout this time Matt built a strong and ongoing relationship with Borough Market, Britain’s most renowned food market. .

Doing what he loves best, baking and selling his bread and pastries to an enthusiastic public, Matt’s latest project sees him opening a brand new bakery at Borough and teaching baking to a new generation of enthusiasts. Integrated into his working bakery Bread Ahead, Matt is building Bread Ahead Bakery School where he teaches a wide variety of baking and pastry skills to both established bakers with an appetite for genuine traditional baking and an ever increasing army of young men and women keen to learn the secrets of our favourite food.

  Bread Ahead
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