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   Baking classes in Annas Kitchen  
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. . . bread making workshops in Brighton and Surrey

Learn to make delicious homemade, real bread on one of our short, affordable one-day and half-day baking classes in Brighton.

If you've ever tried baking your own bread, you may have had limited success, or inconsistent results and been left asking lots of questions. There are, of course, a gazillion books and recipes available but there's nothing like getting stuck in and learning from an experienced baker.

On our one-day courses we will answer your questions and explain what makes for a great loaf (or roll or bun), and you'll get to bake your own bread to take home and share. Our half-day classes are a fantastic opportunity to take a morning off with friends and learn to make something simple and delicious such as hot cross buns or Swedish cinnamon buns.

Who are they for?
All our classes are for beginners and improvers - if you've tried baking bread and not had much success, or if you've never tried and want to give it a go, this is for you, whether you want to learn the basics of everyday bread, or get a bit more sophisticated with Mediterranean and Scandinavian breadmaking classes.

Classes are small, with a maximum of four. Our classes are mainly for adults but we are more than happy to welcome children with an accompanying adult.

"I loved my day of bread making, it was great to do something different and I came away armed with not only a fine loaf to share with my family but with the confidence to carry on making delicious bread at home. Anna managed to pass on a lot of information in one day and we were given some really useful notes to take home." ~ Lisa


Scheduled classes take place in a home kitchen in Brighton, Sussex.  We also have another venue in Surrey that can be booked for groups of three to four.  By learning to bake bread in a domestic kitchen, you know you'll be able to take what you've learned and replicate it at home - please see our baking class information page for more details.

If you would like to spend a few hours in a practical workshop where you will make bread you can take home and be proud of (along with the skills to make more), then have a look at the dates of our classes and get signed up.

Bespoke Classes
We are happy to put on classes specially for groups of 3 or 4 at either in Brighton or Walton on the Hill, Surrey. Please get in touch by emailing or calling 07946 443433 to arrange a mutually convenient date for your group.

Bread at home is all about learning to make bread from four basic ingredients, flour, yeast, salt and water, in a domestic environment. The classes are small groups of no more than four. The aim of the Bread Making Workshop is that you will learn the basic skills to consistently produce wonderfully tasty loaves of bread.

When you make your own bread you know what has gone into it. Mass produced bread may contain additional ingredients such as flour improvers, preservatives and enhancers to speed up the process and extend shelf life.

"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the breadmaking class on Saturday. It has started off a new passion! Both of you are great teachers and I liked the way you gave us your top tips without too much jargon!" ~ Sadhana

Everyday Bread

The basic techniques and recipes for baking everyday bread, includes white, wholemeal and rolls, and shaping techniques for a boule, bloomer and tin. This class will teach you about ingredients and what to look for at each stage of the process. Classes are small, fun and relaxed, with a maximum of 4 people.

Mediterranean Bread

Learn to make delicious Ciabatta, Focaccia and Fougasse - impressive and delicious breads that have the lovely additional flavour and texture given by olive oil, and fantastic to share (or keep to yourself!). Classes are small, fun and relaxed, with a maximum of 4 people.

Scandinavian Baking

Cinnamon and cardamom feature heavily in Scandinavian baking, as do butter and syrup! This class covers Norwegian Grovsbrod, an everyday rye bread with a beautifully soft texture and amazing flavour.

And of course, no Scandinavian class would be complete without the ubiquitous Cinnamon bun (pictured)! Soft white dough flavoured with cardamom and rolled around a butter, sugar, cinnamon and sultana filling.

Sourdough Classes

Sourdough is bread made with a natural leaven and has the most wonderful, distinct flavour and texture. Moving on from straight doughs, mixed and baked on the same day, this course looks at using pre-ferments to improve the flavour, nutrition and keeping qualities of your bread.

"Having baked my own bread in a bread machine for years, it wasn't until Anna showed me the true ways that I realised how little I really knew. Anna introduced us to the beauty of the balances, timings, textures and smells that are so magically involved with the process, and lost when we buy that loaf from the shops. We all should get back to basics and revel in reviving this most basic of arts. Thanks Anna." ~ Mog



Anna is a passionate baker with a love for sharing and teaching others.  Anna is a member of the Real Bread Campaign and aims to promote the health, financial and feel-good benefits of baking and eating real bread.

Being half Swedish, I was brought up with a fairly constant supply of Swedish cinnamon buns (Kanel Bullar), Semlor at Easter and the wonderful thinbread flavoured with caraway (Tunnbrod), not to mention Vortbrod at Christmas.

We always had proper bread in our house – not that it always came from our own kitchen, but I definitely remember having thick granary bread sandwiches when my friends at school were tucking into their neat little sliced white ones (not that I appreciated it then, at an age when I just wanted to fit in - but I do now, of course).

Several years ago, I learned to bake bread properly at the Lighthouse Bakery in Robertsbridge, East Sussex; a true artisan bakery  where they produce some of the finest bread known to man.  Since then I’ve baked bread virtually every day – often a little over-zealously, resulting in a freezer bulging at the seams.  Luckily friends and family have always been on hand to help consume the glut! Through the workshops at Anna's Kitchen, I am passing on the skills and experience I've gained, with a lot of very positive feedback.

Classes are short, either one-day or half-day, starting at 9.30 (slightly later at weekends) and finishing by 2.30 (or 1 o'clock for a half day) and in that time we aim to get across the basics of breadmaking, for beginners and improvers, concentrating on just two or three types of bread. This approach allows you to focus on each stage of the process and get answers to questions that are so often brushed over in recipe books.  In my experience, trying to fit in any more than this can result in information overload.  As well as the bread you make, you will take home a booklet with the recipes and techniques as a reminder.

Class dates can be found on our bookings page, but we are more than happy to arrange bespoke classes for small groups if the dates aren't suitable.

I am not a bakery (yet!) but I have been baking and teaching successfully for many years and look forward to welcoming you to one of my classes soon.



Anna's Kitchen

07946 443433
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